Vibration Control of an Office Floor System Using Tuned Mass Dampers

installed tuned mass damper

Following the occupants’ (office workers’) complaints about the floor vibration at a certain area in an office building, vibration measurements were conducted by an acoustics consulting firm, the results of which indicated that the floor system was lightly damped and that the vibration associated with occupant activities (mainly walking) was exacerbated by resonant amplification of the first mode of the floor system. Based on the consultants opinion, improvements in the perception of floor vibration could be achieved by installing tuned mass dampers.

DEICON designed and fabricated tuned mass dampers (TMDs) to abate the vibration of the composite steel beam and girder framed floor system. The TMDs were tuned to the first natural frequency of the structure (floor system). The tuned mass dampers added substantial damping to the floor system, lowering its vibration level to an imperceptible level.