Founded in 1998, DEICON is an engineering firm specializing in Sound and Vibration Control (active and passive), as well as Advanced Control Design and Prototyping.


DEICON’s mission is to provide the most effective passive and active sound and vibration control solutions, customized to meet our clients’ needs. Our solutions are based on engineering and scientific principles, shaped by our vast experience and optimized according to our customers’ budgetary and time constraints.

DEICON’s vision is to be the preferred, most trusted global resource for customized products and services in passive and active noise and vibration control.


A 1979 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a licensed professional engineer Dr. Reza Kashani has 43 years of experience in ‘Noise and Vibration Abatement’ as well as ‘Advanced Controls’. Dr. Kashani also teaches graduate level courses in noise & vibration control and advanced controls. He has numerous publications and patents in these areas.


Adjustable Tuned Mass Damper

U.S. Patent 880,073,6 B2 August 12, 2014

Active Acoustic Filter

U.S. Patent 7,492,910; issued February 17, 2009

Electronic Bass Trap for Reducing Very Low Frequency Colorization in a Listening Room

U.S. Patent 7,190,796 B1 issued March 13, 2007.

System and method for actively damping boom noise in a vibro-acoustic enclosure

U.S. Pat. 7305094 – issued Dec 4, 2007.

Active Boom Noise Damping

U.S. Patent 5,974,155 issued October 26, 1999