Shock and Vibration isolation lowers the transmission of shock and vibration between two interconnected objects.

Shock and vibration isolation solutions are commonly realized by placing a set of resilient elements such as elastomeric (rubber), steel, or air springs between the two objects isolated from each other (e.g., a piece of equipment and its support structure/base).

Due to the conflicting requirements on shock and vibration isolation, passive systems are designed to be acceptable but not ideal solutions. Adjustable (Semi-active) and active shock and vibration isolation solutions such as DEICON’s Computer Controlled Air Isolation System, on the other hand, could address all the requirements/concerns of an ideal isolation scheme.

In addition to the more traditional passive shock and vibration isolation solutions, DEICON offers adjustable (semi-active) shock and vibration isolation systems. DEICON’s passive and semi-active vibration isolation solutions have been successfully implemented, worldwide, in various applications.



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