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One-Order Tuned Vibration Absorption of a Diesel-Generator

In four stroke engines, including diesel engines driving generators, each cylinder fires every other revolution. This causes the engine vibration to occur at ½ the engine RPM, called the ½ order vibration, and its higher order harmonics namely 1 order, 1½ order, 2 order. In the case of a diesel generator, in addition to the […]

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Vibration/Noise Absorption in an Airplane using Tuned Vibration Absorbers

The airframes of some airplanes are equipped with a number of tuned vibration absorbers tuned the propeller blade passage frequency, to cancel out the noise and vibration and keep the cabin quiet and comfortable. A number of the DVAs in a private airplane were removed from the airframe, disassembled and their leaf springs refurbished. Following […]

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