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One-Order Tuned Vibration Absorption of a Diesel-Generator

In four stroke engines, including diesel engines driving generators, each cylinder fires every other revolution. This causes the engine vibration to occur at ½ the engine RPM, called the ½ order vibration, and its higher order harmonics namely 1 order, 1½ order, 2 order. In the case of a diesel generator, in addition to the […]

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Flame Instability (Combustion-driven Oscillation) Mitigation

The performance of modern combustion systems including fuel efficiency, emissions, pattern factor, and lean flammability limit depend on the mixing process between the combustion air and the fuel. For proper mixing, modern combustors rely on a combination of large and small scale turbulent eddies and vortices to control mixing, fuel droplet dispersion (for liquid fuel), […]

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