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Active Boom Noise Abatement in a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)

Large vehicles, such as sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and minivans, exhibit body boom phenomena during multiple source excitation events including rough road/impact and power-train induced events. The main cause of the boom is the low-frequency acoustic/vibroacoustic standing waves (modes) of the cabin cavity being excited via the high acoustic transfer functions at multiple paths, due […]

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Active Vibration Control Using Proof Mass (Inertial) Actuators

Proof mass actuators (PMAs) are used to add tuned damping and tuned dynamic absorption to test structure as well as the rear sub-frame of an all-wheel-drive vehicle. The choice of active vibration control strategy, with a PMAs as the actuator, depends on whether the PMA’s natural frequency is placed below or within the frequency(ies) of […]

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